• How can I create an alias for the ip range … ?

    Or isn't this possible..?

    cheers  hank

  • You could use the net type and use subnet notation to create one.

    IE: would be

  • Btw, if you can't capture all IPs in networkranges and some single IPs are left add them to the same networks alias as /32 subnets  ;)

  • Address ranges are not necesarilly representable with CIDR, like f eks: i like to block but that can't be "created" with a CIDR range. or am i wrong here and need to read upon CIDR ranges?

  • @mastrboy:

    i like to block

    download & unzip this:



    % perl cidr_range.pl


    then, add those CIDR ranges to a Network alias.


  • blokking .100 till .20 with submask's

    blokking  gives .100 till .103
    blokking gives .104 till .111
    blokking gives .112 till 127
    blokking gives .128 till .191
    blokking gives .192 till .199
    blokking gives .200

  • thanks Tenzen, great tool to have :)

    (but still a little annoying to have so many aliases that could have been merged into one  :-\ )

    edit: se below post ;)

  • Thats kinda spiffy.  Would be nice if we had a CIDR lookup tool based on this type of thing.

    mastrboy: you mean multiple aliases, not rules, eh?  because you just plug all of these into an alias and then reference the alias inside your firewall rule (1 rule required, 1 alias with multiple entries).