• I am generating the config.xml file from my own program. Instead of directly modifying the config.xml, I am using this to generate the config.xml (My own replacement for WEBGUI). Now, I have my certificates generated and encoded using uuencode command in Linux. But the encoding done by pfSense is different.

    Can I know the command which is used by pfSense to encode and decode the certificate ?

  • So you wrote your own configurator? Please note that we change the structure of some items sometimes when adding features or changing the behaviour how things work (as example see the loadbalancing changes or ipsec failover changes). You'll have to keep your tool updated whenever we change the config.xml version number.

  • Are you planning on sharing this tool?

  • Nothing great stuff…. it is just to help me in doing my routine and to help my team in easy handling of things.... I do not want them to tamper with something which they do not know.... So, some child stuff.... For this to be shared, I need to go a long way..... I am just crawling....

    Btw, It was my mistake in fetching the certificate from Database..... Changed the logic of fetching the certificate.... now it is thorugh and it accepts the certificate without any problems. Still continuing to use the same uuencode -m option.