OpenVPN Site to Site problem

  • I installed a OpenVPN site-to-site VPN with two pfsense 1.0.1 boxes for testing. I am not sure what is wrong in the pfsense configuration. here is my diagram                         

    • on laptop2 I can reach external ip ( but i could not get in internal ip of pfsense1
    • on laptop1 I could not get in even external ip of pfsense2.
    • rule allowed tcp/utp * * * following are the firewall log file
        Mar 23 18:25:04 LAN ICMP
        Mar 23 18:25:25 WAN ICMP
        Mar 23 18:28:58 LAN ICMP
        Mar 23 18:29:57 WAN ICMP
        Mar 23 18:31:28 LAN ICMP
        Mar 23 18:32:09 LAN UDP
        Mar 23 18:32:29 LAN ICMP
        Mar 23 18:33:11 LAN ICMP
        Mar 23 18:39:57 LAN UDP
        Mar 23 18:40:44 LAN ICMP
        Mar 23 18:44:08 LAN UDP
        Mar 23 18:45:35 LAN TCP
        Mar 23 18:45:57 LAN UDP
        Mar 23 18:46:41 LAN ICMP
        Mar 23 18:46:47 LAN ICMP
        Mar 23 18:46:50 LAN ICMP
        Mar 23 18:51:21 LAN UDP
        Mar 23 18:52:33 LAN UDP
        Mar 23 18:52:55 LAN ICMP

    anyone help me !!!
    Thanks in advance

  • Create the related rule to allow the access across firewall ?

  • Wich one is running as server?
    Please post your server and client configurations.

  • Thanks for you respone. Pfsense1 is the server site and pfsense2 is the client.
    this is the configuration for both sites.

    Client site                                                Server site
    Protocol        TCP                                      Protocol        TCP     
    Srever Add                          Dynamic IP      enabled
    Server port    1194                                    Address pool
    Interface IP                        Remote IP         
    Remote network                   
    Proxy port    3128

    I already created rule that allow all traffic from WAN to LAN.