VmWare ESXI and pfsense no internet but can ping

  • Hello.

    I have a ESXI 4.1 server with a couple of virtual machines. i new want to secure them with pfsense.

    In esxi i have given pfsense 2 nics(1 pure virtual) and installed it, everything seems to be working, i can ping external IP's and dns but i cannot access the internet. It just tries to load the page for a realy long time and dont giveup.

    Do someone have a solution?

    If you need more information just say what you need and i will get it.

  • Did you set the NICs used by pfsense in permiscious mode? If not please re-read the esx howto.

  • Tagnard - Maybe start with the network diagram from the config tab for your ESXi host.  I'm guessing but do you want to put your existing VMs in a DMZ behind pfSense VM?

    Podilarius - ESX howto?  Not having seen this I've never hd a need set any NICs to promiscuous mode but I haven't encountered any problems in ESXi 3.x, 4.x or 5.0.  Now you've gone and stirred my curiosity  :)

  • That interesting … I have had to do that on every ESXi deployment I have done.

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