Trying to make a restricted user…


    See the above images. I made a user I intend to give to a remote support rep that allows them to view the status_graph.php page only. I am almost there, but the SVG graph isn't working. Am I missing something, or is this just broke?

    SVG awesomeness works fine in the same browser logged in as admin.


  • Try this:

    Compare the source of both the pages and see if there is a difference (I doubt it)

    Then see all the javascript includes, see if you login as your limited user what happens if you access all those URL directly.

    It seems to me that just whatever script renders the data doesn't have access from the limited user. Not sure how to fix, but if you look at the code I doubt it's too tough.

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    You also need to add this privilege (for graph.php):

    Diagnostics: Interface Traffic page

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