Wireless with wierd behavior (Atheros cards) Alix 2c2

  • Hi all
    I decided to remove my pfsense from my old PC (P3 1000mhz) and remove my mikrotik from my alix2c2.
    This way i can save some electricity running all in one device only
    O installed the the release 2.0 nanobsd 1gb in a flash card.

    Everything is fine except for the wireless cards ,they seem to have a good power(signal) when i start the pfsense ,but after a few hours the signal has less 10 dBm (or more)and some devices (my laptop) don't see the SSIDS for a while the they come back.
    One card is a 5212 and the other is 5413.

    Anyone had this behavior on your installs? ???

    PS: forgot to mention i am running captive portal on the both interfaces.(they are not bridged)

  • Never mind i had a bad connector(UFL) after changing it to the AUX connector the signal got normal .
    And i think this was interfering with the other card signal.

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