Ideal max connections limit: lan -> internet.

  • PFSense 1.2.3

    I have a network with aprox. 250 machines (50 are development/production servers, running db, web applications, fileservers, mail server), and my company policy allows every kind of connection, so I have a firewall rule (lan):

    lan -> internet = allow

    Today the max connections limit (on the advanced options) is set to 250.

    I  want to make this number (and also max state entries per host) as low as possible, to try to avoid p2p communication. To browse the web, IM communication, what's the minimum you recommend to each field? The access to db and other servers happens inside the network (so these options would not affect this type of traffic, or, from the internet TO the lan).

  • You would also consider pfblocker against p2p trafic

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