WebGui Stuck On Left Side

  • Greetings!

    hope someone can help with this one. Nothing else system wide is being affected just the dashboard:

    not sure when it started but we lost the ability to use two column on the dash board. if you try and drag an item to the right column it will simply restore itself back to the left. We did load up another 1u server, copied the config ( newly loaded server was working fine before the config was copied over) and poof the issue was back. We removed the question of it being "hardware" related and narrowed it down to the current config, we think. Any input would be great! thanks in advance for any help!  8)

  • Hi there !

    pfSense version ? (1.2.3 ? - why not 2.0 Release ?)
    Browser used ? Tested another browser ? Third browser ?

    Can you list the widgets you use ?

    If you only use widgets without a config menu (left icon in the right conner of the upper bar of every widget), the problem persists ?

  • Sorry my bad on the version:
    2.0 Release


    Firefox, IE 9, Chrome, and safari


    did you want to know which packages we use?

    File Manager
    RRD Summary


    i have used all of them with the same result.

    If you only use widgets without a config menu (left icon in the right conner of the upper bar of every widget), the problem persists ?

    I am not sure i understand your last question. Clean install works fine before we migrate the backup config. After that the same issue becomes present.

  • I didn't ask for the packages … but the list of widgets you use (the blocks with info on the Dashboard page - as seen on your image above, who should be shown in two columns).

    Anyway. Focus on the config file you imported.
    I propose a fresh install (again) of pfSense - do NOT import any old config info file.
    Just, set up your server, go step by step - BY HAND.
    And pause - test everything - save your (new) config file every time. And continue.

    The same thing before you activate and setup all (!) your packages.

    The moment things to start going wrong will indicate the moment (step) that needs more analysing.
    Redo all, skip the step that seems to break things.
    If you manage up to the end, you found the step that break things.

    The question is: what is that step ??  ;)
    Good luck.

    (just a thought: one of your packages is patching the /index.php file - and that breaks things ...)

  • well though out, just follow the simple steps for trouble shooting. I will set up a "lab" to test this and report the findings for other users. Thanks for you help with this….. :P

  • I had this problem. To fix it i removed all the widgets and then saved the config and refreshed a few times. Then I started adding them and saving them one by one and the two columns was working again.

    This problem occurred by removing and installing packages and i think it was snort dev package that might have caused the errors, i also might have installed the widescreen package. But i was just working on a test setup at the time, i don't remember.

  • Nice!!! good deal there sir. That would of course make my life much simpler…instead of mocking up a lab and having to do all the leg work to redo 254 Ip's, hundreds of Port & IP Aliases, rules and such...were going to try this this weekend before we try to do a full rebuild :) you rock man and thanks a TON for the advice.... :P

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