[ASK] How to add route from server to VPN client

  • I have add static route in pfsense to "" but when vpn client connected to server, it still cant ping to 192.168.1.xxx

    I have read that "iroute" command can solve this problem. But how to use this command ?, i have place it in custom option but getting an error.

    Can someone give me a complete tutorial for using "iroute" command or help me to solve this problem ???

    Sorry for my bad English

  • Bad English aside, we need more info.  Start with the basics…what does your set up look like... simple road warrior, site-to-site? Give us your LAN scope, Tunnel Network, PFsense version, OpenVPN firewall rule, also a network map would help.

    Did you actually add a static route or try to add a route to your custom config?

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