Reset RRD Data doesn't create WAN-Quality.rrd

  • When I Reset RRD Data
    the RRD Quality Tab is empty.

    The /var/db/rrd/WAN-Quality.rrd file is not created.  :o

    It was created when I disconnected and reconnected the WAN interface (IP Change)  ;D

  • Hi there !

    I think I found an explanation.

    When you reset the RRD grahics, all graphics - images and thus the files - will be recreated.
    Except: the quality graphics.

    These are handled else where.

    As soon as a gateway comes up, the related rrd graphics files are created if needed.
    Only when the WAN interface comes up, it will be known, and expose a gateway.
    THEN the related graphics file can be used …. and created.
    Not before: the interface wasn't there.

    So, it seems by design to me  ;)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I have seen that happen before, if you edit and save/apply any gateway it will kick back in as well.

  • Thanks for this tip - I was wondering the same thing!  Is this a "bug" and if so will be be fixed for 2.1?  Just curious, thanks.

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