PHP Execute at startup

  • Hello, I'm using pfSense-2.0 i386 and got a little problem. I need netgraph ng_ether nodes (like em0:, em1:). As I understood, the kernel is already compiled with ng_ether module, but i don't have sucj nodes in ngctl. I googled and found out that i can manually create nodes with php function pfSense_ngctl_attach() through web-gui (diagnostics-command). That helped, but after reboot the nodes are missing again. So, here is the question: how I can get this nodes created automatically after startup? May be I need to write this function in the config file or anywhere else?
    Thanks beforehand and sorry for my english :)

  • you can create a script and place at /usr/local/etc/rc.d dir

    test it before and don't forget a chmod +x on file

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