Bad SSL Cert Causes WebGUI not to load

  • Hello,

    I incorrectly installed a SSL certificate and now cannot access my WebGUI.

    I don't want to have to re-install PFsense AGAIN… any ideas how to fix this?

    Thank you.

  • Found the ANSWER:

    SSH or use the CONSOLE to do the following:

    1. Set interface(s) IP address

    Then re-setup the LAN interface IP, if it still does not work try RESTARTING the WEB CONFIGURATOR. If still not working, do the same with the WAN interface and when it asks if you wish to "REVERT BACK TO HTTP instead of HTTPS protocol" select YES.

  • The short cut to the answer is here:,23.0.html
    ONE line above YOUR question is the answer you were looking for ;D It's a sticky since 2006..

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