Tunnel (Routing ?) problem

  • Hello,

    I've made the setup of site/site OpenVpn between 2 pfsense.

    First setup:

    Lan Range
    IP range Tunnel:

    Second Setup:
    IP range

    The tunnel is up without problem

    From SSH console from both pfsense i can ping machines in their respective ip range (ex: from second pfsense i can ping

    But from Ping test (webgui) or an computer in a Lan network i can reach other side, the tracert stop in the pfsense

    I try to add an "ANY" rule on Lan on both pfsense, no effect…

    Any idea to help me ?


  • Let's start with basic help..

    What rules you have on Lan's and tunnel interfaces?
    Capture traffic while you try to connect(ping) to another machine.

    I think, that it's more likely routing problem, that if your machine try to connect another end of tunnel trafic is sent out to wan without that tunnel..

    So rule on lan would be that any trafic from this lan to another lan is sent via tunnel
    and rule on tunnel is allow anything

  • Hello,

    Rules are ok for me, i've also to create a temporary "Any" but no effect.

    In summary

    A computer connected to firewall can ping firewall, OpenVPN Interface

    On other side a computer can ping firewall

    With a ssh shell session on i can ping and .8

    Same on i can ping and .45

    But not possible from pfsense gui / diag / ping, i try lan, wan… timeout, same from computers....

    ... :'(

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