[PPPoE] Packets sent from LAN to WAN..not coming back?

  • Hi,

    Setup is quite simple: Alix 2D13 + pfSense 2
    vr0: LAN
    vr1: WAN (pppoe through my DSL modem)
    vr2: VoIP

    PPPoE is OK, got an IP.
    Pinging/sshing from the box to the net is fine.
    Pinging from PCs (DHCP'd) on the LAN shows nice DNS resolution, but no ping answer.
    Sniffing packets in the box shows clearly they can find their way out (seen on vr1/WAN out/in back, so I guess GW is fine?) but then it seems it is flushed somewhere inside, never put back on their way to the originate LAN PC…

    why could this be?
    NAT outbound is set to auto.
    no 1:1 rules, ...
    Did I miss something specific due to my PPPoE setup?

    Thank you for any hint/help...

  • @blietaer:

    vr1: WAN (pppoe through my DSL modem)

    This line is a little vague and arouses my suspicions. pfsense 2.0 doesn't do pppoe over physical interfaces, it creates a virtual interface (ie, pppoe0) on top of a physical interface, then configures ppp on that. Can you elaborate on your pppoe configuration, for example, attach a screenshot of your pppoe configuration page and the Interfaces>WAN page?

  • wow!
    I guess you just pin-pointed it…
    indeed:I just switcjed the WAN interface from"static" to "pppoe" and was happy to see it receiving an ISP IP.
    but then if I 'ifconfig' the whole stuff I can clearly see the WAN vr1 interface has no IP. this shall explain a routing root cause...?
    next question is how to fix this..

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