Open VPN and routing

  • Hiya,

    I have a site to site link both ends pfsense 2.0.

    Site A server pushes a specific vlan (vlan23) out to site B client.

    There is a server on site A on the vlan 23.

    Users can see the server on site B

    When  remote users connect to site B via roadworrior, they cant get to that server .

    I have pushed the routes but still nothing.

    Could anyone help on this pls.



  • be sure to add the routes for that subnet in your roadwarriors config (or push em from roadwarrior server on site B)

    also, you need to add the routes for your roadwarrior-subnet on site A, otherwise Site-A will not know where to return traffic to

    hope this makes sense and helps :)

  • Ok How to add the routes on site A I believe is my problem.



  • Hi,

    To push a route from an OpenVPN Server to a Client you use:

    push "route network subnetmask";

    To add a route on an OpenVPN Server or Client manually you use:

    route network subnetmask;

  • what about the gateway .

    so here is the network

    Site A                              Tunnel                                        site B

    Lan                                                                              lan
                                      ON SERVER SITE                                 
                                          server ip is                      client ip

    Vlan 23                                                                              roadworrior                                                                
                                                                                            push route here is

    How to add the route on A for which is the network for B roarworrior.

    Also do you add it from

    System => Routing =>

    Gateway is the wan nic.



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