Manage openvpn and wan connection

  • Hello
    I'v pfsense under virtualbox on debian squeeze, that part is ok.

    I connect to and I use outbound rules to route all my traffic by openvpn tunnel.

    It's ok.

    When the vpn tunnel is down, i don't want to allow one specific computer to access internet.

    I need some help to do that, I think it's with the firewall, but i don't know if I do specific rules in lan tab, wan or openvpn tab

    adresses are :
    specific pc : -> gw
    for the WAN -> gw:
    for the lan

    I'v not rules other than default one, I just changed the outbound part, to use openvpn instead of wan.


  • if you changed the only rule to use sprcific gateway, then you should be ok with this scenario.

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