How can pfSense restore lost OpenVPN connections?

  • Hi all! Sorry for my English :-X

    I have a problem. My pfSense box works as a OpenVPN client and do it fine. But the box has unstable 3G Internet and time to time the Internet disappears. In this case vpn connection is lost. When the Internet appears then VPN connection doesn't restore. And I have to restart OpenVPN client manually or reboot the box.

    How can I make pfSense restore vpn connection automatically?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Try this on client:

    # The keepalive directive causes ping-like
    # messages to be sent back and forth over
    # the link so that each side knows when
    # the other side has gone down.
    # Ping every 10 seconds, assume that remote
    # peer is down if no ping received during
    # a 120 second time period.
    keepalive 10 120

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