To Devs: GUI code documentation

  • I started using pfSense not too long ago. Initially in development and now in full-fledged production environment and almost replaced all the debian-based routers firewalls i had managed/setup before.
    Needless to say, works like a charm  ::)

    Since besides a sysadmin i do also a lot of web programming (coincidentally in php) to create my own network management/monitoring tools, i started taking a look and fiddling around with the webGui source code.
    Now, i understand that a lot of the code was taken from m0n0wall, and if it does well what it's required then no need to touch it, but it's unclear as hell.

    There is no one, including myself, that likes to document while coding, but, is there anywhere, as rough as it may be any documentation, diagram, anything really, that sheds some light on the webGui code?


  • If are planning to build some packages, there a 'framework' inside pfsense to help on it.

    take a look at some packages source code at to undestand better.

    In a simple way:

    • You build package gui using xml files

    • You apply changes and/or read xml values in a php script with .inc extension

  • Incidentally, I started doing the same. Want to collaborate?

  • @namezero111111:

    Incidentally, I started doing the same. Want to collaborate?

    Take a look on how to help

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