Slow internet when blocking https sites

  • hi

    i'm new to pfsense running the latest version, here is my little scenario. i have setup squid+squidguard for filtering and everything worked as expected to filter HTTP web sites. now i have created aliases for web ports 53 443 80 8080 for web browsing that includes SSL. i have created a rule that would only allow specific HTTPS (i.e. gmail) website to pass and everything else is blocked.

    i tested with a few computers and it worked fine. the problem occurred when i deployed it to production on 20 stations it barely opened a HTTPS website (i.e. gmail) it crawled which is very unsual since i have more than enough bandwidth to support 20 stations. i have resolved my issue when opened the default rule on LAN that permits everything. that made to perform normal.

    hardware specs is a dell 2950 xeon processor 3Ghz with 4GB memory two gigabit and lots of disk space.

    please help any ideas will be much appreciated.


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