Refresh of OpenVPN

  • I had defined two entries in OpenVPN. When I make the change in configure file (directly), it is not reinitializing the VPN.
    If I refresh one entry, say the second entry, then the first entry is not getting refreshed.
    I need to explicitly open the openvpn settings and click on the Save Button to initialize the OpenVPN.

    Any suggestions for its automatic initialization ?

  • What do you mean by making changes in config file directly? Which file? config.xml or config file of the service? You shouldn't do any manual changes to any files as everything is generated from the webgui dynamically on changes/reboot. Use the webgui for making changes.

  • You need to remove /tmp/config.cache after changing config.xml

  • Figured it out.
    1. Killed the process based on pid in /var/run
    2. Built the conf file using
    3. Called openvpn command with conf file as argument.

    Bingo… went on well.

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