• On the system screen, I have 109% percent disk usage.
    I started to cringe when I noticed it at 99%, but then I figured I'd let it go and document what happens when the disk hit 100%.  Well, nothing happens, apparently an extra 9% of bits are stockpiled around the harddrive somewhere.

    Sidenote: it's a 30GB harddrive, I'm running ntop, which is why I'm assuming the disk is filling so fast.
    I'd post a screen cap but I figure it's pretty self explanitory.  Also, the 'progress bar' is 9% longer then the CPU/Mem/Swap bars.

  • Do a df -h -d1 / from a shell to get a breakdown

  • Output from df -h:
    Filesystem      Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
    /dev/ad0s1a    27G     27G   -2.1G  109%    /
    devfs            1.0K    1.0K      0B   100%    /dev
    /dev/md0        1.7M    36K    1.5M     2%    /var/run
    devfs             1.0K    1.0K      0B   100%    /var/dhcpd/dev

    adding -d1 returns an illegal operation error.

  • Sorry that should be:

    du -h -d1 /

  • Seeing over 100% in disk usage is due to the way FreeBSD calculates the free space.
    From the FreeBSD FAQ:
    9.27. How is it possible for a partition to be more than 100% full?
    A portion of each UFS partition (8%, by default) is reserved for use by the operating system and the root user. df(1) does not count that space when calculating the Capacity column, so it can exceed 100%. Also, you will notice that the Blocks column is always greater than the sum of the Used and Avail columns, usually by a factor of 8%.

  • What version is this? Also what packages are you running?

  • Ok, I just tried the du -h -d1 / command.
    2.0K    /.snap
    5.2M    /boot
    780K    /bin
    1.5K    /dev
    16K    /conf.default
    2.3M    /etc
    158K    /libexec
    3.4M    /lib
    25M    /root
    1.9M    /sbin
    118M    /usr
    27G    /var
    686K    /tmp
    2.0K    /mnt
    2.9M    /cf
    2.0K    /media
    2.0K    /proc
    2.0K    /rescue
    12K    /scripts
    27G    /

    I'm using the March 23rd snapshot, the only package I have installed is ntop.  The harddrive is pretty close to be full now, the ntop service has stopped running on its own.  I'm not receiving any errors in the log except when I try to start ntop again.  I do plan to format and reinstall from the stable release and upgrade to the latest snapshot….eventually.

  • Now do:

    do -d1 -h /var/

  • 2.0K    /var/account
    6.0K    /var/at
    2.0K    /var/audit
    2.0K    /var/backups
    4.0K    /var/crash
    4.0K    /var/cron
    27G    /var/db
    2.0K    /var/empty
    2.0K    /var/games
    2.0K    /var/heimdal
    1.5M    /var/log
    2.0K    /var/mail
    2.0K    /var/msgs
    2.0K    /var/named
    2.0K    /var/preserve
    36K    /var/run
    2.0K    /var/rwho
    14K    /var/spool
    4.0K    /var/tmp
    2.0K    /var/yp
    58K    /var/etc
    1.4M    /var/dhcpd
    46K    /var/installer_logs
    27G    /var/

  • Okay now:

    du -h /var/db/

  • du -h /var/db/
    2.0K    /var/db/entropy
    2.0K    /var/db/ipf
    892K    /var/db/pkg
    2.0K    /var/db/ports
    2.0K    /var/db/portsnap
    2.9M    /var/db/rrd
    2.0K    /var/db/freebsd-update
    2.0K    /var/db/pingstatus
    2.0K    /var/db/pingmsstatus
    27G    /var/db/ntop
    27G    /var/db/

    du -h /var/db/ntop
    27G    /var/db/ntop/rrd
    27G    /var/db/ntop

    du -h /var/db/ntop/rrd/
    2.0K    /var/db/ntop/rrd/graphics
    4.0K    /var/db/ntop/rrd/flows
    27G    /var/db/ntop/rrd/interfaces
    27G    /var/db/ntop/rrd

    du -h /var/db/ntop/rrd/interfaces
    14G    /var/db/ntop/rrd/interfaces/xl0
    12G    /var/db/ntop/rrd/interfaces/xl1
    393M    /var/db/ntop/rrd/interfaces/ath0
    27G    /var/db/ntop/rrd/interfaces

    Ok, take your pick :P

  • Well, there it is, NTOP hogging it all.  I would recommend deleting that /var/db/ntop directory and starting over.  That is interesting that it does not recycle its logs!?

  • Looks like it's the ntop rrd files.  ouch!