VMware and VLAN Tagging

  • Hi All

    I am testing pfs2.0 in WM Workstation before I move to ESXi5.  I have not played with pfSense for quite a while as my box at home has been rock solid and I wanted to get a handle on everything first.

    One thing I am testing is VLANS in pfsense.  I read the document on it and I think it will do what I want, but when i try to implement it I lose connection.  I may be missing simething simple here, and I may be totally off course completely.

    Does VMWare support VLan tagging?

    I need two lan connections, so I created two VLANs on the Physical LAN interface.  I then assign the LAN interface to one of the VLAN's.  At this point I lose connection via the browser.  The browser is also in a VM with both the pfsense LAN interface (em1) and windows network using VMNet6 (internal VMLAN not bridge to the outside world, only for testing at the moment).

    I suspect I am missing simething simple here as it does not feel right, but I can't put my finger on it.  Any help appreciated


  • If you setup pfSense for VLAN it expects to get packets with VLAN tags. Is the LAN VLAN configured throughout your network?

  • You can use pfSense on WMware Workstation with VLAN Tagging. You need to:

    1. Make sure your physical NIC do not strip VLAN Tags.
    2. Due to a WMware Workstation (and Player) bug, not more than 1500 bytes will be passed as MTU to your VM. Since your Tags will add at least (if you do not use QinQ) 4 bytes, you should also tune (i.e. lower it) MTU parameter in your VM.

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