Web-GUI access - new admin - no records

  • Hi,

    I've recently taken over admin for a company that are using pfsense for their firewall.

    I do not know pfsense at all, and no-one there knows anything about how it was set up, & there is no documentation.
    I have root access to the server, and what I need to know is:

    How do I find out which port the web-gui was set up to listen on?
    How do I find out which users have been set up?
    How do I change their passwords?

    I'm assuming that one of the users will be 'admin', but again there is no record of what the password is.

    Can anyone help here please?  :'(

    Many thanks,

  • The root password and the admin password are the same. Any normal BSD/*nix commands work. For webgui access, probably on port 80 or 443. Try netstat -nap tcp and see what is listening.

  • @podilarius

    Many thanks - I'll give it a try.  I'd tried 80, 8080, and a few others. I was hoping that the port would be written in a config file somewhere.

  • it is written in /cf/conf/config.xml. I would try port 443 (https) also, if you haven't already.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    This will show you for sure the ports that the web service is listening on:

    sockstat | grep lighttpd

    Though as others have mentioned it may also be in /conf/config.xml

    You can also check in /var/etc/lighty-webConfigurator.conf like so:

    # grep server\.port /var/etc/lighty-webConfigurator.conf
    server.port                = 443

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