Big thanks to the pfSense team

  • Just a quick note to say a big thanks to those who have spent time developing and making available pfSense to the world. At home I used to run Smoothwall (for about 2 weeks) some years ago, and till recently have been running ISA 2004, but found that it doesn't do all I need it to do. I was about to splash out £150 on a new ADSL router but when even that didn't tick all my boxes I found a recommendation for pfSense on adslguide and had to check it out.

    Well, I have to say that it not only ticks all my boxes but actually exceeds all my expectations! I'm awestruck that this is a 'free' product. If there's only one thing I'd say it was missing then that would be an objects database for use centrally, although mostly in the firewall rulebase, but that would be nitpicking!

    All in all 11 out of 10 for the pfSense team! I'm spreading the word to my colleagues in the IT field and family and friends who are perfect candidates for pfSense conversion. ;)


  • Thank you! We are always happy to receive such positive feedback.  :)

  • Here here.

    One more note of props out to the devs.

    There's a lot of questions and problems that are on this forum (and great help, don't forget).  Sometimes not enough praise.  Let's give a hand to the guys that helped make pfSense one of the best firewall/router solutions out there.

    Thanks again, you certainly have made life much easier on my network with this excellent piece of work!

    ok, I guess words only go so far… where's that "dontate" button again?


  • @akula169:

    ok, I guess words only go so far… where's that "dontate" button again?

    Not quite a "Donate Button" but Donation information is listed here.

    Thanks for the kind words.  You are absolutely right, the complaint/problem to praise ratio is at about 0.000009% right now.