Tftp traffic not passing

  • Not sure what the deal is, and I can't seam to figure it out. Im starting to pull my hair out.
    The Setup…

    internet---pfsense --- router---
     |                                                         tftp

    This is what i am trying to do.
    I need to be able to pull files off the TFTP server from the OpenVPN session, but I can't.  I can see the openvpn session request the file on the tftp server and it (tftp Server) start to resound. On pfsense I only see the request for the file, but never a response from the tftp server. Then the session timeouts with a timeout error.

    included are a tcp dump showing a trace route to the tftp server then the file request.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • To add more juice to the issue.

    I am current RDPed into a machine from an OpenVPN session. That same machine is running solarwinds TFTP server. I have disabled the firewall on that machine, and I am unable to pull TFTP files from that machine through the OpenVPN Session. This seems odd since I’m able to pull all other services but TFTP..

    Please help?

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