• hi all
    i know that if u set password for webGUI the root password set to i need to make diff password root using password and webgui using password

    Thnx for help

  • Not possible currently.

  • wouldn't really buy you anything anyway, webGUI admin user has full root rights including shell access.

    In the future you'll be able to have multiple webGUI accounts with multiple access levels, but that'll require a lot of work and will be several months from now minimum.

  • Yepp, you can…  Just manually change the root password through the shell and comment out the section that syncs the root password with admin at function sync_webgui_passwords() in /etc/inc/pfsense-utils.inc. =)

    You may or may not need to delete /tmp/config.cache...

    [ simon.cpu ]

  • Well, yeah if you want to do that, that'll work. But again, it's pointless. The webGUI admin user has all kinds of abilities to execute whatever they desire with root privileges.

    Version 1.3 should address this, a few months from now.