• I hade couple of client with the S-Box  and Fortigate 60 that I replaced with Pfsense
    And just wanted to say thanks for all of the hard work for bringing this grate Firewall
    I myself have installed it at home I have couple of servers IIS and Exchange with multi wan setup

    I am a big fun keep up the grate job

  • Yeah same here, using at 2 locations and am very impressed with pfsense.  Keep up the good work and it is much appreciated.


  • Hi … I started with pfSense about few days, and I just want to say thanks too !
    In these days, the pfSense, solved two problems for me: an VPN ipSec and a solution as a router among many networks.
    I intend to improve my understand about this BIG and GREAT tool.

    Congratulations to all devs.

    Jeff Leandro.

  • I'll join to say 'thank you, thank you, thank you'  ;D

    It was quite a hassle to get it working due to:

    • The hardware that gave multiple problems

    • My ISP's modem/router that didn't play nice

    But thanks to kind help of the forum members and the incredible help of a member who refuses consistently to have me pay him a cup of coffee (you know  ;D), I finally got it running for one week now, without any hick ups (while also having installed quite some packages).

    Gone are the days of bloatware consumer plastic routers, finally, for the first time in my around 20 years internet-life  :P

    I am very happy, would like to thank all the developers/maintainers/contributors; those of Pfsense, and those of the mother of all operating systems, FreeBSD (I am a big fan of FreeBSD also  :)).

    And as I donate to FreeBSD, I am now going to donate some money to Pfsense also. It won't be much as I ain't a rich man, but hopefully it will be enough for at least 1 beer on my behalf  :P

    Thank you & bye,