Routing traffic through OpenVPN tunnel

  • Hello, everybody!
    I am really confused! I've been setup my firewall with a VPN tunnel. Everything it works just fine in my internal LAN. But I can't reach the remote side of that tunnel. I am unable to ping or whatever else. My question is if I can set up some routing in the GUI of the firewall coz I couldn't find any way. If not, what I have to do. Maybe there is some other additional application I have to start?
    Pls, show me the right way to do it! Thank you in advance!

  • seems as if your tunnel is not working correctly…

    search for the openvpn-howto (,2228.0.html) and have a look to the openvpn logs. if there is no error it should be possible to ping the other side of the tunnel…

    openvpn builds the tunnel as soon as the firewall ist started or the ip changed...

  • Just curious, but what is on the other side of the tunnel? If you are trying to connect from a Vista computer you need to do the following;

    Add to your .ovpn file the following two lines:

    route-method exe
    route-delay 2

    Create a one-line .BAT file to run openvpn on your .ovpn config file like this

    “C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\bin\openvpn.exe” [PATH_TO_OVPN_FILE]

    To start the VPN, right click on the bat file and choose “Run as Administrator