How to setup captive portal with https?

  • Hi is there anyone who can give me a clear explaination on how to setup the captive portal to work with https.
    And as a starting point you have captive protal work ok without https, and you have a working gateway

    My setup is as follows.

    1 internet gateway ( public ip )
    2  NIC's one on as an extra gateway on the LAN for testing purposes the other one on which is connected to a wifi accespoint and dhcp is activated so clients get ip and settings in the right way.
    Wifi is open so customers can connect in a easy way, then get a username and password.
    On captive portal on http when connected to wifi, you can see username and password when logging in in plain text, because it acts as a hub… and we don't want this so we need https to be setup.

    I checked a lot of tutorials and settings but I can't get it to work.
    Don't see response from port 8001 on either when I telnet to it, why?

    Got a certificate setup and activated, with some instructions from the forum.
    Regarding the CN which you need to ( how do you determine the CN ? is it like ? pfsense.local like setup in the hostname of the machine, or do I realy need to create a A record like to

    I don't get any responce a all on the 8001 port, maybe this is the problem? but where does it go wrong?

    Hope someone could point me in the right direction.

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