New install, same settings as old box.. not working

  • I have just installed a fresh 2.0-RELEASE.  Created the OpenVPN certificates and everythign the same same as i did before..  I can connect to the VPN and remtely control my pfsense box via WebConfigurator.. but i am unable to connect to any of my servers or routers that are on the LAN interface..

    Box has 2 NIC's. WAN and LAN

    LAN ip is
    WAN ip is

    Inthe OpenVPN server settings it has assigned an ip of adn my the Local Network IP range is my LAN:  One i connect to the OpenVPN server from my laptop at home, i can get to but i am unable to get to any of my other machines on the same network.. such as, or

    This worked in my previous install (previous install LAN was how have i got it wrong this time?

  • Subnetting 101… your tunnel network falls inside of your Lan scope and is messing with your routing.

    Change your OpenVPN tunnel network to something outside of your LAN scope (or vice versa). Personally, I would keep it simple and change your LAN to or, etc... there are thousands of combinations, just make sure its NOT on the same network as your tunnel.

    Why the /18 mask anyway?  Do you REALLY need 16,000+ LAN IP's?  LOL!

  • i have already changed the tunnel network to and still have the same issue.

    I will be needing around 8000 ip's hopefully soon so i am just setting it up now for the future basically.

    Why? is there a problem with having a /18 netmask?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Are you going to subnet that out downstream or something - yeah I could see quite a few problems with putting 8000 some clients on the same broadcast domain ;)  BTW /18 is what 16382 hosts – quite a bit more than 8000.

    And to be honest would be a really bad choice for your tunnel network, since is a VERY common IP range, so you prob going to conflict with the remote networks local lan space.

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