Beta Update in a VM (IPv6)

  • Hi, I am thinking about using the bleeding edge version that has IPv6 support security inside a Vbox guest. I am not exactly sure how significant it is to firewall IPv6 traffic at this point, but I just wanted to setup a version that does and get this out of the way. I am oblivious however as to how to configure the firewall to be auto-updated with the most recent versions released (non-stable) as to not be left in the dark when new fixes and updates are rolled out.

    I am not sure if I'm assuming right if the beta versions have moderate stability since I'd want to set and forget this setup when all's done. Should I just stick with stable?

    Your responses are much appreciated.

  • Ok I discovered that IPv6 packets are blocked by default on the stable version so i won't worry about that then since it's being filtered. Topic closed.


    running the lastest on alix and ipv6 very stable :)

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