Client managed to access internet wtihout passing through cp, how that possible?

  • hi

    i was surprised to see a client working with 2 pc's, one laptop accessing the internet authenticating with cp, and the other desktop using the internet without cp.  the client have the following setup:

    my cable going out of ps box –-> switch --> to his appartment ---> linksys ap wan port ---> 1) desktop lan, 2) laptop wlan.

    i checked the ap setup it was using dhcp, so the desktop getting as ip, and as gw, and as dns (my ps box lan ip) while the laptop using the ip issued by ps box and authenticating nicely to cp.

    my setup: us robotics dsl router ip: and my ps box is on the wan side.

    how to deal with such case?


  • You can't deal with that. He will be seen at the pfSense coming from the same IP with the same macadress (the one of his router) so there is no way to see that this are 2 different hosts. It's the same situation with everybodys homenetwork. The ISP can't see if the customer runs only 1 client or a complete network behind his public IP. That's the way NAT works.

  • there is another way to access internet without authentication through CP if you run Squid

    if you put in your internet explorer settings the adress of the proxy with the port you access to the internet directly…
    it is a known behavior I think


  • The CP authenticates an IP/MAC combination so if both do not change for different hosts as they are natted or use a proxy (in front of the CP) there is no way to detect different hosts. There has been a similiar discussion at the m0n0 list earlier where broken AP firmware showed it's own MAC instead of clients MACs.

  • hi

    thanks for the quick reply, i am thinking of:

    1. using ignore unknown clients in dhcp
    2. change the ip of my dsl router

    i think his desktop is going directly to my dsl router since it has the same ip of his ap gateway, that's why the desktop surf much slower than the laptop which is ps box as gateway unlike the desktop using the ap as gateway . so may be changing my dsl router's ip helps, ill try that one

    and btw ya chady i am running squid in transparent mode, i try what u said, i think it doesn't work.

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