PfSense 1.2.3 and gaming, 50 clients.

  • I've built a router with pfSense 1.2.3.

    4Gb DDR2 @ 800Mhz
    XFX 780i
    Internal + Intel 4-port + Intel 1port

    MultiWAN, loadbalancing over 5 ports/ip:s.
    UPnP ON

    So, this machine will act as a router on a LAN with 50 klients playing Battlefield 2, 3 BC2, SC2, CS, Wow and so on..

    I played BF3 yesterday, and after enabling UPnP it worked perfect. (Except one loss of connection for a few seconds).
    Is there some things I have to do to make it work better?

    Rules, NAT and so on?

  • I would suggest you look at the traffic shaper which should help. I would also recommend you move to the newest version of PFsense, 2.0 which has many more features.

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