How to route VPN client traffic over tunnel?

  • My pfSense box is running as an OpenVPN client and OpenVPN server.

    The client tunnel connects our network ( to a remote network ( and works just fine.

    The server allows remote users to connect to our network while on the go, and works just fine.

    How can I route/forward traffic from remote users through the tunnel so they can also access resources?  I've added push "route" to the server config and I see the route come through on clients, but pings fail.

  • You have to ensure that the remote network knows how to route to your network. That is usually simplest if the default gateway is also the VPN server. Otherwise add a static route to the default gateways on each network.

  • Thank you!  In my OpenVPN server.conf I needed to add the appropriate route and iroute ccd entries, like the Thelonious example.

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