OpenVPN crawling after protocol change

  • Howdy all. My vpn provider changed from UDP to TCP and now my speed is horrendous. They also said to no longer use lzo compression. Any ideas on why this would destroy speed and is there anything I can do on pfSense to help bring speeds back up? I am on the latest 2.0.1-RELEASE(amd64). I also have pfsense running in vmware.

    Thanks for your help, let me know if there is any information I left out or that would be helpful.

    I followed this tutorial:,29944.0.html
    I am routing ALL traffic through the VPN.

  • Every instance I've seen where just changing the protocol makes a significant difference has been in different handling/policing of the traffic by your ISP. I've seen some really odd ISP-induced loss with one protocol or port and not another. You may not be able to do anything if you don't control the server side. Changing back to UDP is the best regardless, tunneling within a transport protocol isn't great, but unless you have significant packet loss on your connection you won't notice a difference on protocol alone. Using a different port with TCP could work as well.

  • That's not great news. I set my tcp port to 0 which says it will make it dynamic. I noticed an immediate increase in speed, but it's still nowhere near what I had before. Before changing the port I was barely able to break 2mbit, changing it to dynamic puts it at just under 5mbit. Before I was able to break 50mbit with ease. You are correct in the assumption that I have no control over the server, but I suppose I can put in a complaint to see if I can make something change…

    Thanks for your help cmb, you're a good man.

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