OpenVPN + OSPFD (multiwan) fails after few hours sometimes days

  • Hello,

    We are having a problem with our PFsense setup.

    We have one main office with 2 branche offices connected with OpenVPN and OSPFD because we have a failover with dual wan.

    Now and then traffic suddenly stops and the vpn looks down, when I check both firewalls statusses are up of all the tunnels and OSPD is also running. However it is not always the same brache office that fails.

    When i restart the preferred tunnel and the ospfd service it works again for a while.

    Anyone has an idea?

    Pfsense has latest release and we use the full version

  • hi,

    i've seen the openvpn+ospf act the way you descibe when you make changes to the wan configuration and save them.
    restarting openvpn seems to solve that for me.
    this does not seem to be the case every time.

    for me this is rarely a problem so i've never bothered to look into it.

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