Routing Between Subnets - Just Doesnt work :(

  • Hello All,

    I have just installed pfsense (pretty amazing product by the way :) ) but I haven't managed to get it doing what I hoped. Here is my setup:

    Internet Access: (Sky Router)

    The above sits on

    I have Hyper-V on a machine running Server 2008 R2. This has two Virtual Networks. One is internal the other is External and mapped to the network card on the network. PF Sense is installed in the External Network and has a second network card that sits in the internal. The network configuration is as follows:


    So here is the troubleshooting information:

    From I can ping all local devices and both IP addresses that are assigned to PFsense.
    From I can ping the PFSense device.

    From PFsense I can ping and access google and all devices in and .50.0/24.

    However I am unable to ping or access anything in from the network.

    I have created a firewall rule on the LAN interface that allows all traffic from .5.0/24 to all destinations to no avail.

    Any ideas?



  • Did you disable the blocking of private networks on the WAN interface?

  • Hi Podilarius,

    I have yes. Still no luck :(


  • Are you firewalling or just doing simple routing? You might have a split route if the server in 192.168.1/24 is not using as a gatway to access 192.168.50/24. You will probably need either a local route or a route setup in to point 192.168.50/24 back to

  • Thanks Podilarius, that is probably the issue. When I tracert, I get a reponse from 50.1 but nothing after that. Checking the firewall logs, the data is passed through.

    The only issue is, I cant add routes to the sky router :'(

  • You can add a route to the server to test.

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