PFsense (server) <–-> Endian

  • i already have several openvpn points with Endian firewall and i would like to change to PFsense but i can't change all the points at the same time
    Can i install PFsense as the central Openvpn server and connect Endian points to it ? how ?!

  • I would think so, however I'm not familiar with endians implementation of openvpn. The pfSense end is quite felxible in it's configuration. I have not heard of anyone using this yet so I guess you will be the first one on this mission. If you get it working it would be nice if you could write a small tutorial for this. Have a look at for how to configure the pfSense end for openvpn.

  • on Endian i can put this values:

    • IP of the server to connect
    • username
    • password
    • Select bridged or routed
    • select if i whant to block DHCP responses coming from tunnel
    • CA certificate

    it gives you any idea on how to configure PFsense openvpn server
    i got all the certeficates and the keys from my corrent endian server

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