LAN Traffic graph showing incorrect data since upgrade to 2.0.1

  • I upgrade to version 2.0.1 last night, and I have noticed that when i am downloading a large iso file from microsoft, the WAN graph shows a download of 6meg/s while when i check the LAN graph, it is showing only 2kb/s. Definately something has changed in the way the graph is showing the data.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Not enough data there to really say… could easily be something like squid in there that would explain the disparity, or a different internal interface besides lan.

  • Nothing has changed on the way it is reporting. If it is an "in" on the wan, then it is going "out" on the LAN. Hence why you see 6Megs in the opposite direction. It has always been that way. The table on the side is almost always off and I wish it was an option so that I could turn that useless information off. If you want to see real metrics use RRD or even better use pftop.

    Did you try a reboot since upgrade?

  • I did reboot both firewall and my pc.. just in case.

    I am talking about the table on the right side. I use this when initially diagnosing performance issue. I have 10 pc that connect to the internet via pfsense and the table is quite useful and pretty accurate when it was version 2.0

    do you know if the table populate proceedures have changed any?

  • No idea. For now I would use pftop until one with a better clue replies in here.

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