Webgui from WAN side. Did I do it right?

  • In order to access the webgui of pfsense remotely, i changed it from http: to https:, and the forwarded a random port from the wan to Now i just enter https://www.mysite.com:port and i get the login. I just want to make sure this is the right way to do it and that im not opening myself to security risks. If there is a better way, please advise. Also, could someone point me to instructions on how to setup pfsense to allow me to remote into my server?

  • This works but is more than is needed. Https is always a good idea. However you don't need the NAT rule. just make the webgui listen on one non default port at system>general. Then create a rule at firewall>rules, wan: Pass, protocol tcp, source any, destination wan adress, port <webguiport>, gateway default.

    If you want to access your LAN clients from remote safely you should set up a VPN. There are different options. Which one is suitable for you depends mainly on your client and on the restrictions/capabilities of the remote end that you are behind.</webguiport>

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