Rules not deleting or blocking

  • I created a WAN rule to allow access the the web gui for a short time. Now when I delete or disable the rule it is still active. I can still gain access to the web gui via the WAN. I know i can simply change the portbto block it but I want to leave it at 80. It seems that it is not being deleted. I have also rebooted several times. I also noticed this with the pptp rules. I had the pptp server active and had the rules in place for it. I then deleted the pptp rules but it still gave me pptp access. Note that at first when I enabled the pptp server it did not work until I installed the rules. When I deleted them it should have stopped working. Same with the remote WAN admin. for the gui. Any suggestions?

  • Did you tried to delete rule and then reset states?

    Can you send a screenshot with these ghost rules?

  • How do you reset states? I can send a screen shot but the rules aren't there. I've deleted them.

  • follow pfsense menu this way:

    diagnostics -> states -> reset states

  • Thanks for the help! I will give that a try and get back to you!

  • Reset of states did not work. Web GUI still accessable via WAN

  • Can you send a screenshot with wan rules?

  • Sorry it to me so long to get back but I believe I have the issue fixed. Apperantly PFSENSE allows you to access the web gui via LAN or WAN ip from behind the firewall all the time. I was doing my testing from behind the firewall. If I enable remote access and connect through a computer outside my network it works. Once I delete the rule I can no longer access it from the WAN, unless I use the WAN ip from inside my network. Thanks for the help!!

  • There is a anti-lock rule to avoid rules mistakes.

    If you are 100% sure you are not blocking your access to web gui, you can disable it on system->advanced

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