Virtual Setup ADSL combo router

  • I have a windows machine which is the main family machine and a adsl combo router ie not a separate modem router. I want to experiment with PFsense using a free virtual method on this machine without setting up an addtional machine. This machine has two nics. From what I see there is vmware player and virtual box. Which to use?

    Would it be possible to use this existing equipent to set up pfsense to provide internet access for the host as well as other network clients attached to the wireless of the combo adsl device or would I need to bring in another router so that the host sat between the 2 routers?

    Would the combo device have to support vlans?

  • A box with pfsense will be easier to configure.

    To use pfsense on same machine as your workstation could be quite easy to by pass firewall.

    virutalbox needs a windows user session open to work, it does not run like a service.

  • I managed to set up okay on vmware worksation using a spare netgear router connected too the wan port and set up my existing router as an access point connected to the LAN port.

    Should I keep the firewall on the wan netgear on or will it be safe to turn it into a dumb modem? ie expose the wan port of the workstation pfsense is running on directly to the internet. I only have the vmware service enabled on that nic, all other services like tcp/ip sharing are disabled?

    Also how would someone easily bypass the firewall from the workstation without re-enabling the services on the nic?

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