How to use DNS as source instead of IP?

  • Hi everyone,

    Does pfSense have the capibility to resovle DNS names for source in firewall?

    Here is what I want to achive but not being able to do:

    • Allow inbound HTTPs request from my home computer to the pfSense 2.0 server which is hosted in Data Center. My PC authenticates with DynDNS and picks up So, for source in pfSense firewall I can't use my IP as it's dynamic. How can I use there?

    Is that possible? I checked aliases an there is the same sort of issue. It asks me for an IP number which won't help me.


  • You can include hostname in alias.

  • Thanks for feedback but it doesn't take it. It only takes Host(s), Port(s), and Network(s) and Host(s) means IP address and not domain names.

    Error message:

    "The following input errors were detected:
    A valid address must be specified."

    I just noticed I am running v1.2.3. Not planning to move it to 2.0 anytime soon. So, I need to get it working in v1.2.3.

  • in 1.2.3 I have no ideo on how to do this.

    short even more your upgrade planning to 2.0.1 and it will work  ;)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You must be on 2.0.x for that to work properly.

    In 1.2.3 you can put a dummy entry as the first entry in an alias, and use hostnames in the second and later entries. They are only resolved once when the filter reloads.

    In 2.0 and beyond, you can use them anywhere in an alias, and the system keeps track of them and re-resolves them every few minutes.

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