First time - pfsense as openVPN client

  • Dear,

    One of my colleagues has set up an openvpn server using Endian as router and openvpn as VPN software.  The intention is to route some ip's of the datacenter in Antwerp (Belgium/europe) to my home so i can setup servers here at home with a range of ip addresses from that datacenter.

    It's the first time i have to work with openvpn in combination with pfsense, and my colleague doesn't have a clue how pfsense work.

    He just gave me a login/password and some certificates in a zip file : one named "interco0.pem.cer" and one in a folder called "__MACOSX".  That certificate is called "._interco0.pem.cer".

    Can someone please help me with this?

  • no-one that can help me?

  • Thats not so easy, Endian OpenVPN use normally a TAP (Bridging) device. Pfsense use per default a TUN (Routing) device.

  • But is it possible?  And if yes…how?

  • But is it possible?

    Never test it because I think there a too much differences.

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    OpenVPN is fairly compatible between its versions. The files you listed are not enough though. Typically you have a CA cert, a user cert, and a user key.

    Also the pfSense GUI doesn't support working as a client with a username/password combination, only certificates or static key.

    (There have been some manual ways to make that work though, searching the forum should turn up some hits)

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