Online banking is blocked

  • Sorry for this basic question. I'm new to pfsense and our network administrator has left the building.

    Since a month we have implemented pfsense. When I would like to connect to our online banking application, the application cannot get connected. Unfortunately, the connection tests of this banking app doesn't provide me with much info. It just says: "www.kbc.be443 Not OK".

    I've tried to connect by using a mobile connection (so bypassing the network and pfsense). In that case, the connection is working.

    Where can I find in pfsense which rule is blocking this app. I've looked in the "status logs", but I don't find any information. I've tried to disable "snort" but this doesn't help either.

    Can you help this newbie?


  • Check for 443 deny or reject rules on firwall-> rules -> lan.

    Also check if you are using squid or not.

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