Using OpenVPN as a proxy

  • I have some software which uses geo-ip to locate the user and simply refuses to work properly with proxies so I want to try routing it's traffic via a VPN instead.

    I have a virtual server sitting in the UK on which I can install OpenVPN. I have a pfSense 2.0.1 at my current location that I want to use to create a VPN link to the VPS and use it as a gateway but only for traffic from my LAN to the server(s) the software uses.

    Is this possible at all, and if so where so I start? I have created OpenVPN links before but only for 'RoadWarrior' type connections. I assume in this sort of setup that the VPS will need to act as the OpenVPN server as that will be doing some NAT and whatever else is needed… What I need to do on the pfSense side I'm not sure.

  • Set the computers gateway as the remote IP of the router?

  • Except that I don't want all the internet traffic from the machine to be routed via the remote link, just the traffic for the software.

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