Wireless will not offer DHCP addresses without a host connected to the LAN port?

  • I am wanting to use pfSense on a WRAP platform for a wireless only router.

    I'm having a problem where ath0 will only deliver a DHCP address to wireless clients if there is a host connected to the LAN port of the WRAP box.  When there is no host connected to the LAN port, I'm looking at the DHCP logs, but again, nothing shows up until a host is connected to the LAN port.

    I want to use the WRAP to host an insecure wireless network that is behind my LAN connection.  I would prefer not to have to connect anything to the LAN port, as I don't need any wired hosts on the network being served by the WRAP.

    I have the WAN port of the WRAP connected to my LAN.  I have unchecked the "block local networks" option on the WAN interface and have rules in place to allow all traffic over the bridged ath0 interface.  To view the logs, I have logging passed on to a syslog server on my main local network.  If you need any other info, let me know.

    I'm using the latest embedded snapshot (3-27)

  • I'm not sure why I always seem to answer my own problem right after I post.

    I previously had LAN assigned to sis0 and WLAN assigned as a bridge from ath0 to LAN.

    To fix my problem, I moved ath0 to be the LAN port and disabled the sis0 port.  WAN is on sis1

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  • mabe a hint text at the bridge option that tells you that all the players of the bridge need to be alive (and stay that)
    if not then the bridge will not function

  • That is right. All bridgemembers have to be up.

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