Can't login to APs on LAN subnet when connecting from the outside via OpenVPN

  • I'm remote managing some guy's LAN and pfsense box. I do this by connecting from the outside using OpenVPN. This works great. I can login to pfsense, SSH into some local linux servers, login to some LAN printers via the web interface, and also the two WAN gateway routers (located on other subnets) etc.

    However, I can't seem to find the web interfaces for the various netgear and d-link wifi access points. They are all connected to the same subnet as pfsense via LAN cables - providing wifi access. They too use web interfaces, similar to pfsense and the LAN printers. They too have known IPs and should be accessible by typing the IP into the browser. However, this just times out.

    Does anyone know if the access points somehow sense that I'm trying to connect from outside the subnet? This seem odd since I'm happily accessing the d-link gateway routers, located on different subnets.

    Any ideas?

  • Not sure but as far as I know DD-WRT software allows you to choose which remote IP is able to connect to the GUI.

    Prhaps you have configured the GUI IP on a spcific port of the switch or a VLAN. Can you ping the AP ?

  • Hello,

    Your AP are in DHCP or STATIC IP ?
    The remote access from OpenVPN work only if you have a static mapping for your AP.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Do your APs have a default gateway set? If not, they can't find their way back to the client.

    Though you may also want to check the firewall settings, you might find that you'll need an outbound NAT rule (and manual outbound NAT) on LAN to translate traffic going to the APs into an IP on their own subnet, so they are tricked into thinking the traffic is local.

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