Problem connection to access point

  • I'm having problem using the Access point in my pfsense setup , i'm using a USB Tp-link wn321g ( it's a Ralink RT2528 or something like that)

    i cant even to connect to it  (tried using my Win7 system and a ps3)

    basically my setup is

    WAN  > Rl0  > ( provider gave me a hwuawie modem.. can't switch to bridge mode.. dunno the password )
    LAN  > RE0 >
    OPT1 > RUM0 >

    What i did is…
    1. Plugged in the USB Wifi
    2. Assigned it as OPT1 interface
    3. Enabled it , set IP to static ( )
    4. set standard to 802.11g , set ssid to whatiwant
    5. leave the rest to default

    basically it should work right ? .. but i can't connect to it , internet on LAN is working... is it a compatibility problem with the USB wifi ?

  • From looking at the picture it looks like you have the wireless interface IP set to which is on the same subnet as your LAN If you want to bridge to both connections. Then follow this guide it works very well.

    You might want to change the mode of the wireless card to G as well. If your card supports it.

  • already set to wireless-G , i just resetted to factory defaults… and now my pfsense rig just crashes at restarts whenever a wireless device tries to connects to it

    so maybe buying an access point is easier ? than finding a compatible usb wifi device

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