PfSense 2.01 under Hyper-V 2008R2 - Arp issues

  • Hi,

    Im running latest pfsense under hyper-v 2008R2 and Im noticing that ARPs go missing from other VM machines. Im running the DCHP server on the pfsense and see that the leases go missing and the arps fall out of the arp table.

    Im starting to think this is some kind of driver issue in bsd or low level in hyper-v.

    Anyone has any thoughts of suggestions for me?

  • Try enabling Spoofing of MAC addresses on the network adapter setting of the pfSense VM in Hyper-V.

    Whenever I have problems with ARP this seems to sort it out.

    I've also had this problem with Untangle so I guess that it's not a BSD problem.

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